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We can answer your questions and give you an accurate estimate of the time and financial commitment of any type of renovation, addition or special project.

Our team understands the requirements from foundation to finish in such efforts and we are well-known for our spectacular transformation of living spaces and entire homes.

Open the flow of your home’s interior, extend your square footage, add another story, renovate an attic, choose an exterior facelift, make over a kitchen or bath, or convert your whole home. We can determine whether construction variances must be obtained and when specialty labor is required. Then we’ll create a space with the character that you choose—one that blends with the original structure or seamlessly converts the overall look of your house.


Room additions – Whether you are interested in adding a mother-in-law suite or an additional bathroom, no project is too large for DBD Renovations to handle. In fact, we have even added nearly 7,000 square feet to just one home.

Kitchen renovation projects – We can provide one-of-a-kind craftsmanship for any number of kitchen renovation projects, including granite countertops, custom cabinetry, new floor plans, and more.

Bathroom remodels – We can turn your bathroom into a spa retreat by installing a luxury spa tub, custom cabinetry, upscale plumbing fixtures, and other top-of-the-line bath products.


A renovation project is the process of restoring or repairing a structure back to a good or “like new” condition. In the construction business, renovation can include, but are not limited to, re-facing cabinets, installing new light fixtures, replacing outdated and possibly dangerous electrical systems, and generally replacing or repairing any part or all of a home or building that is outdated, worn by time, or damaged and not in working condition. This includes elements of a structure that may not meet present day building codes and pose a safety hazard to the owner and/or the general public if the structure or dwelling is to be used by people.

But renovations also hold another purpose: Adding value to a home or other structure. Let’s say you want to sell your home, which was built sometime in the 1980’s, and as a responsible home owner, you kept most, if not everything, in good shape over the years. Nonetheless, if you decided you wanted to sell your home, the realtor may advise updating your kitchen to add value and appeal to buyers. Replacing the linoleum tiles with porcelain tiles; replacing the cabinets with modern ones; and changing the sink with a better, more modern looking one is also considered renovations.


A remodeling project can add pizazz and bring life back into any home or office space. Remodeling is defined as altering a structure, whether this alteration is exterior or interior, from the original construction. Some examples of remodeling are, but are not limited to:

  • Completely transforming the structure and/or style of any space, home, or building.
  • Changing the layout, in part or in whole, of any space, room, or garage area from the original floor plan.
  • Combining rooms or other spaces within a structure that were once separated by a wall or any other sort of permanent partition.
  • Adding or taking away from the exterior and/or interior of any structure.
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